Eyebrows of Death are


Janosz Prelicz          Vocals, Guitar, Rhythm

Anina  Döbeli           Vocals, Rhythm

Noemi  von Felten       Harp

Moritz Zgraggen         E-Guitar, Trumpet, Drums, Vocals


Classical harp meets a jazzy trumpet, a bluesy guitar and catchy voices. That’s all "Eyebrows of Death" need to create a unique mix of pop, folk, blues and country music.


"Eyebrows of Death" - Four passionate, full-blooded musicians from the Zurich area who carry away their listeners into the world of "Alternative Folk-Pop". They sing about the desire to be loved, the unavoidable path that we all have to tread and the pursuit of perfection. The sound of  "Eyebrows of Death" comes along as a soothing cocktail of joy, longing and fate, paired with a melody that everyone can sing along.


In winter 2015 the four musicians decided to launch this extraordinary experiment. Janosz Prelicz is responsible for vocals, guitar and percussion. He is complemented by the multi-faceted Anina Doebeli (vocals and percussion) and the talented Noemi von Felten (harp). Moritz Zgraggen sets a brilliant ending with his electric guitar and his trumpet, completing the quartet. A striking mix with an amazing and surprising sound awaits you.


Their first EP was successfully released on 20 May 2017 in the club Photobastei in Zurich.