Eyebrows of Death is a Swiss band, known for their live performances and unique use of instruments. 


Their music blends classical harp and modern electronic adding up to a style best explained as a mixture of "Raw-Pop" and "Folk-Pop". 


The band experiments with the fusion of acoustics and electronic, as well as with synthesizer bass. On stage Eyebrows of Death’s most well-known characteristics is its instrument composition of the harp, drums, guitar and the bass. 

Their fresh sound has a touch of magic, which is complemented by powerful danceable rhythms.


The band was founded in 2016, and they successfully released their first EP in May 2017, followed by various concerts in summer and autumn of 2017. They launched their next EP "Moonlight" at the club Photobastei in Zurich, in May 2018. The album was nominated for best album of the week on several platforms. Moonlight was promoted with a series of concerts in Switzerland and Germany.


This year 2020, the third EP is already in the final stage, under the production of Henrik Amschler (Loco Escrito, Swiss Music Award 2019/2020). The new set of music will be released on 22th May 2020. It will conclude a trilogy of EP’s and herald the start of a new era. The band moves on to a more electronic-influenced, danceable music.


EboD played already on various festivals and events in Switzerland and Germany, and is planning to tour through Europe next year.  




Janosz Prelicz         (Gitarre, Gesang) 

Anina Döbeli           (Gesang, Cello, Synthesizer) 

Noemi von Felten       (Harfe) 

Dennis Blassnig        (Drums)